Code Generation Design


Code Generation Design

Code Generation Design is the study of programs that create and modify themselves and other programs.

Michael Swan

Contact info: sirsquish atttt

Code Generation Design Paper

Experiment 6 - A program that can learn it's own code, and change itself to what the user wants, provided what the user wants is a combination of what it knows. This program is an initial test of writing programs that are completely generic.

Experiment 1 - Gentle Introduction

Experiment 1 Part 2. This is an example of a program that can rewrite a small portion of itself, recompile itself and runs the child process, and kills itself. The process runs theoretically forever. Just drag and drop the file into your browser to v

Experiment 3 - I try to write random text to a .cpp file in the hopes that will eventually form the simplest possible program. It doesn't. It fails due to combinatorial explosion, which is one of the most important lessons you can learn when writing

Experiment 5 - I write a genetic algorithm which uses another programs code for it's genes. ( ie The Genetic algorithm is seeded with another program.) The fitness is based upon how much output the generated programs produce.